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Welcome to the Adirondacks - The Olympic and Lake Champlain Region

Essex County is located in the heart of New York State's Adirondack Park – south of Montreal and north of New York City. The Adirondack Park is a six-million acre park comprised of both public and private lands and contains the largest protected areas in the continental United States. The Park is ecologically significant in that it contains one of the least fragmented temperate forest landscapes anywhere in the world.

The Park is also significant in that it contains historic resources, charming hamlets and villages, a rich cultural history and access to recreational resources. The Park is home to 130,000 full-time residents and is visited annually by 8 million people. The people of New York State value the Adirondacks as a cherished resource with the Constitutional protections of the public lands of the Forest Preserve and the Adirondack Park Agency which regulates land use planning for private lands. Local communities are also stewards of this unique Park and believe that their communities must also prosper to continue to provide the environmental benefits that are shared by New York residents.

Interstate 87, the major highway between Albany and Canada runs right through the county. Amtrak's Manhattan to Montreal "Adirondack" also makes a number of stops within the county.

Boasting 1,907 square miles of land, Essex is the largest county in the park. Its terrain varies, ranging from 95 feet above sea level at Lake Champlain to 5,344 feet at Mount Marcy – the highest point in New York State. Lakes, rivers, streams, along with hundreds of miles of wilderness cover the landscape.

Essex County is in the northeastern part of New York State, just west of Vermont along the eastern boundary of the State. The eastern boundary of Essex County is Lake Champlain, which serves as the New York-Vermont border.

Convenient Location - Easy Access

Ideally located in the north country of New York State, close proximity to world markets through easy access of rail, air, sea and interstate. Leave the big city hassle behind for the quality of life you and your employees desire - without losing your market advantage.

  • Within 30 minutes of Plattsburgh International Airport
  • Within 1 hour of Burlington International Airport
  • Within 1 hour 30 minutes of Albany International Airport
  • Other Regional Airports: Maribel, Quebec and Dorval, Quebec
  • Freight Rail: Canadian Pacific
  • Passenger Rail: Amtrak
  • Port of Montreal, Quebec: 100 miles (160 kms)
  • Port of Albany, New York: 100 miles (160 kms)
  • Service Port – Champlain, NY/LaColle, Quebec; located 75 miles (120 kms) north of Essex County
  • Alternate crossings: Cannon Corners, NY; Moores, NY; Overton Corners, NY; and Rouses Point NY
  • I87 (North / South); I90 (East / West)
  • Exchange in Albany
  • Auto Route 1 (North / South route to Montreal, Quebec)
  • Major Alternative routes: US Routes: 3, 9 and 11

  • All the Qualities of Living - and more!

    Already the home to several high-tech, bio-medical and light industrial companies, Essex County offers more than a workforce, but a quality of life not found anywhere else - four seasons of the year. Enjoy the culture and recreation while keeping your business in the forefront.

    Essex County Population

    Total Housing Units - 25,603
    Owner-Occupied - 11,989
    County Population 39,367

    Essex County Population Breakdown

    5-9 years - 4.7%
    10-14 years - 5.4%
    15-19 years - 5.4%
    20-24 years - 6.6%
    25-34 years - 5.6%
    35-44 years - 11.2%
    45-54 years - 13.5%
    55-59 years - 16.0%
    60-64 years - 8.2%
    65-74 years - 5.8%
    75-84 years - 9.1%
    85 and over - 6.2%

    Essex County Income

    Per Capita Income - $24,390
    Median Houshold Income - $45,216

    Essex County Electric Rates and Services

    National Grid provides electric service to approximately 1.5 million customers in upstate New York, including parts of Essex County. Energy is a critical part of every business operation and sourcing affordable, reliable, and high quality energy can make the world of difference. CLICK HERE to access detailed information about National Grid’s electric rate descriptions and supply costs.

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    It’s been an honor to be in the Moriah Business Park for 15 years, hopefully, we’ll be there 15 or 20 more or even longer.

    James Kahler-Pre-Tech Precision, Machining Manager

    Without significant help from Essex County IDA, the new Moriah Health Center would not have been built. The Essex County IDA gave the Town a tremendous amount of help in regards to putting the financing package, assistance with the regulatory requirements and site development. The town and community appreciates all that they have done to help make this a reality.

    Thomas Scozzafava, The Town of Moriah Supervisor

    I could have gone anywhere, and I ended up back here in Essex County, upstate New York. I still think we live in the most beautiful place in the country. “Made in Adirondacks” has intrinsic green benefits. We’ve been welcomed with open arms in all situations.

    Jeff Allot, General Composites Inc.

    There is room to build businEssex in the Adirondack Park; and by the way, there’s an outstanding quality of life here.

    Keith McKeever, Adirondack Park Agency spokesman

    Everyone of these agencies, including the Essex County IDA have streamlined their process to assist us, they’ve held us to all the necessary requirements, but have been very responsive. I’ve been very pleased.

    Peter Ward, Owner of Adirondack Meat Co.

    I think that this is tremendous not just for Willsboro, but for Essex County and the North Country. I would be in town with Libby and we would see the building and think that there has there has got to be some kind of creative reuse and now we have it and it is something that the community can be proud of as well as Eli.

    Former NYS Governor George Pataki

    The people at the Essex County IDA (Industrial Development Agency) and the (state) Small Business Administration in Plattsburgh were a big help.

    Joseph Bodette, Owner of Frenchman’s Restaurant located in Crown Point, NY

    This will maximize the use of this raw material. I think it is about as green a project as you can get. This is a perfect example of how you can do business in the Adirondack Park.

    Carol Calabrese, Co-Executive Director of Essex County IDA