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Incentives & Financing

The Essex County IDA has a variety of financing opportunities available. The ECIDA is also able to partner with New York State and other Regional development organizations. For detailed information on the following...


The Regional Approach

Essex County IDA partners with many organizations. The Regional Approach benefits both the North Country as a whole, but the company as an individual.


Area Chambers

Each of Essex County’s nine Area Chambers of Commerce, Bureaus, and Business Councils can provide assistance to new and existing businEssex.


Essex County Programs

The Essex County IDA has a variety of financing opportunities available. The ECIDA is also able to partner with New York State and other Regional development organizations.

  • Essex County IDA Loan Program
  • Tax-exempt Industrial Bonds (IRB's)
  • Straight Lease Transactions
  • PILOT (Payment in lieu of Taxes)
  • Property Tax Abatement
  • NEW EB-5 Program

Questions from Canadians

Even with the tighter border controls introduced in the past decade, Canadian citizens still enjoy special travel and work privileges in the United States. For example, Canadians can enter the United States with only a passport and no visa, and they can obtain legal work status at the border without going to an American embassy or obtaining a work visa. In order to work in the United States as a Canadian citizen, you need to have a job offer from an American employer and prove your qualifications for the job. This guide will teach you how to obtain two different types of work status: TN status for approved professions with American employers, and L1 status for work with American parent companies, subsidiaries, partners, or branches of Canadian employers.

The articles of incorporation (also called a charter, certificate of incorporation or letters patent) are filed with the appropriate state office, listing the purpose of the corporation, its principal place of business and the number and type of shares of stock.[1] A registration fee is due, which is usually between $25 and $1,000, depending on the state.

A corporate name is generally made up of three parts: "distinctive element", "descriptive element", and a legal ending. All corporations must have a distinctive element, and in most filing jurisdictions, a legal ending to their names. Some corporations choose not to have a descriptive element. In the name "Tiger Computers, Inc.", the word "Tiger" is the distinctive element; the word "Computers" is the descriptive element; and the "Inc." is the legal ending. The legal ending indicates that it is in fact a legal corporation and not just a business registration or partnership. Incorporated, limited, and corporation, or their respective abbreviations (Inc., Ltd., Corp.) are the possible legal endings in the U.S.

Usually, there are also corporate bylaws which must be filed with the state. Bylaws outline a number of important administrative details such as when annual shareholder meetings will be held, who can vote and the manner in which shareholders will be notified if there is need for an additional "special" meeting.

Canada-US Income Tax Convention have been signed desiring to avoid double taxation.

In the case of Canada, if you pay income tax to the United States for the income earned in that country, you can claim foreign tax credits against that income in Canada. Foreign tax credits include federal income tax, state income tax, social security taxes etc.

In the case of the United States, if you pay income tax to Canada with respect to the income earned in that country, you can claim foreign tax credits or foreign earned income exclusion or a combination thereof. Although foreign tax credits and foreign earned income exclusion are available at the federal level, this may not be true at the state level. Some states such as California and New Jersey may not honor tax treaties between Canada and the United States i.e. the income tax paid to the province of Canada may not be available for foreign tax credits when calculating tax liability for these states. Accordingly, some double taxation may happen at state level.

The Essex County does provide marketing assistance to Canadian companies. Through our network of local, state, and national economic development agencies we can find the right people to get you started in the States.

In New York State, if you have any employees, you are required to carry workers' compensation and disability benefits insurance. If you own a car or truck for business you need auto insurance. Often a landlord will require you to maintain a certain level of liability coverage as a condition of your lease. Your bank or your investors might require you to maintain life, business interruption, fire or other types of insurance to protect their investments.

It’s been an honor to be in the Moriah Business Park for 15 years, hopefully, we’ll be there 15 or 20 more or even longer.

James Kahler-Pre-Tech Precision, Machining Manager

Without significant help from Essex County IDA, the new Moriah Health Center would not have been built. The Essex County IDA gave the Town a tremendous amount of help in regards to putting the financing package, assistance with the regulatory requirements and site development. The town and community appreciates all that they have done to help make this a reality.

Thomas Scozzafava, The Town of Moriah Supervisor

I could have gone anywhere, and I ended up back here in Essex County, upstate New York. I still think we live in the most beautiful place in the country. “Made in Adirondacks” has intrinsic green benefits. We’ve been welcomed with open arms in all situations.

Jeff Allot, General Composites Inc.

There is room to build businEssex in the Adirondack Park; and by the way, there’s an outstanding quality of life here.

Keith McKeever, Adirondack Park Agency spokesman

Everyone of these agencies, including the Essex County IDA have streamlined their process to assist us, they’ve held us to all the necessary requirements, but have been very responsive. I’ve been very pleased.

Peter Ward, Owner of Adirondack Meat Co.

I think that this is tremendous not just for Willsboro, but for Essex County and the North Country. I would be in town with Libby and we would see the building and think that there has there has got to be some kind of creative reuse and now we have it and it is something that the community can be proud of as well as Eli.

Former NYS Governor George Pataki

The people at the Essex County IDA (Industrial Development Agency) and the (state) Small Business Administration in Plattsburgh were a big help.

Joseph Bodette, Owner of Frenchman’s Restaurant located in Crown Point, NY

This will maximize the use of this raw material. I think it is about as green a project as you can get. This is a perfect example of how you can do business in the Adirondack Park.

Carol Calabrese, Co-Executive Director of Essex County IDA