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Conference/Workshop Materials
Attending conferences can be an educational experience but due to limited budgets and time attending in person is not always an option.  In this section we will collect and post as much useful conference material as possible.  To submit material, click here to e-mail PowerPoint presentations, PDF files etc for review.

National Grid Upstate New York Energy Efficiency Expo Presentations - March 2011

Gas Processes & Measures
Discussion of Energy Efficient gas measures, such as combustion controls and boiler upgrades, and process related opportunities.
Moderator: Joe Rucco
Mike Garry – Trojan Energy
Gary Archer – JW Stevens
Jim Olcott – C&S Companies

Energy Management Systems (EMS)
General discussion of EMS with regard to electric and gas energy efficiency.
Moderator: Dan Merrill
Assis Flores – Johnson Controls
Matt Pinczes – Trane
Bill Clark –Siemens

Technical Assistance Roundtable for Custom Projects
Discussion and review of National Grid custom process for gas and electric projects
Moderator: Laurie Poltynski
Mike Miller – National Grid
Gene Hickok – National Grid

Compressed Air – Challenges, Opportunities, and Efficient Solutions
This session will present the energy challenges that are relevant to providing clean, dry air to process and manufacturing plants. Learn how National Grid’s Incentive programs can make the difference to your companies bottom line by using empirical data to make the right decisions in optimizing the energy used to make compressed air.
Moderator: George Baier
Eric Glauber – Glauber Equipment
Mike Bakalyar – Gardner Denver
Looking for Opportunities on Lighting – Practical Lighting Projects
Come learn about energy efficient lighting projects at customer facilities from the lighting practitioners that did them. Learn how efficient lighting technologies and lighting controls might be applied to your own facilities.
Moderator: Tom Coughlin
Presenters – Session 1:
David Puccia – Gexpro
Jim Killion – Universal Lighting Technologies
Presenters – Session 3:
Rob Quintal – Horizon Lighting & Energy Services
Carl Hibbard – Patricia Electric

Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Overview of Commercial High Efficiency Electric and Gas Kitchen Equipment, plus information on refrigeration and Energy Star.
Moderator: Jan Roods
Tom Jordan – National Resource Management
Mark Olson – Gerharz Equipment

Residential Customer Programs
The Biggest Loser – Trimming Energy Waste in your Home.
Moderator: Lisa Tallet
Katie Fowler – National Grid
Angela Turner – National Grid
Amy Barry – National Grid
Carolyn King – National Grid

Variable Frequency Drives
Using VFDs to capture energy savings on Motors, HVAC systems, Chillers and more.
Moderator: Wally Dengos
Derek Engeln – Troy Belting
Kenny Jacobs – KJ Electric
Dean Williams – EMA of NY
Tax Credits, Energy Efficiency & The One Year Write-Down
Learn how to identify valuable tax savings associated with the Energy Policy Act Section 179 that enables qualified projects to be depreciated completely in this year. You need to see how this impacts the payback period for your project.
Moderator: Amy Dickerson
David Ayoub – Bowers & Company, CPAs
Tom Baron – Atlas Health Care Linen Services

Emerging Lighting Technologies Roundup
Come learn from the experts about the fluorescent vs. LED debate, advanced whole building lighting controls and specialty lighting applications. See if some of these might fit with your own facilities.
Moderator: Tom Coughlin
Keith Miles – ProTerra Lighting US
Doug Kafka – Ferrini-Konarski
Nell Zeigler – MEG Controls
Jody Baldwin – MEG Controls

Small Business Program (Lighting and Refrigeration)
Are you a business that uses 100kW or less? You can cut your energy cost by up to 30% with the National Grid’s Small Business Services Program. Find out how.
Moderator: Jim Stapleton
Matt Cinquanti – SmartWatt
Brian Donald – SmartWatt
Alexander Castro – Lime Energy
Tom Jordan – National Resource Management

Top 10 Opportunities for Energy Savings
Moderator: Pat Boudreau
Cynthia Putnam – Building Operator Certification


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Special Studies, Articles, and Reports
Occasionally National Grid or one of its partners will commission a study or special report or will come accross some other useful information that will help them perform their job better.  Check here often to review the latest in marketing, market, technical or administrative intelligence.  To submit a report in PowerPoint, PDF, web link, Word, or Excel formats please e-mail us.

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